design thinking workshops


Our young people will increasingly need to apply their knowledge through higher-order skills, rigorous evidence-based conversations, utilize and apply processes such as design thinking in order to have a running start for the jobs and challenges of tomorrow.

Design thinking is a creative human-centred methodology that fosters critical thinking, collaboration and enables exploration of complex issues to identify problems/issues in order to create innovative and usable new solutions.

Our workshop builds young change makers who learn the principles and processes of design thinking, feel empowered to take their ideas to action and ultimately test their ideas and prototypes in the real world with these 21st century skills, mindset and capability.

Our workshop delivery is fast-paced, highly interactive and takes students through a meaning-making experience. They will work with their peers, think critically, improve verbal, written and visual communication skills and by the end of the day create new and holistic ideas for the real world that can be tested and refined.

During the workshop, students:

  • discuss and define what attributes they admire and desire to be a change-maker
  • explore deeply a social issue they are passionate about
  • use empathy mapping to develop an in-depth understanding of the people affected by the issue
  • watch and discuss high-impact video examples of individuals and organisations that have taken ideas to action in various stages of their design solution
  • using design thinking principles: research, analyse, refine and define the problem they seek to solve
  • rapid prototyping to generate new ideas in groups
  • develop one tangible prototype to road-test in the real world
  • present prototype to group and seek feedback

Our workshops can also feature a Q&A session with a community leader or social entrepreneur that has influenced change.

Please select this option on the inquiry form if you would like to have a guest speaker as part of your workshop.

We are keen to work with schools in developing the 21st century skills, mindset and capability – call Charuni Weerasooriya on 0416094172 to discuss further.



What year levels ?
  • Upper primary (years 5 and 6)
    • content designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, Digital Technologies
    • perfect for IB PYP areas: How we express ourselves, How the world works and How we organize ourselves.
    • Suits primary school leadership and student representation programs that are project focussed.
  • Secondary ( years 7-12) 
    • Content designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, Digital Technologies
    • Content designed to meet the requirements of BSSS Interdisciplinary Inquiry A/T/M
    • Suits student voice, leadership, student representative and project-based learning programs.
How many students? 

Our one-day workshop is flexible and works well with a year group of up to 90 or a more intensive experience with a smaller group up to 50.

Our workshop is fast-paced, highly interactive and loads of fun. The more we understand what you are trying to achieve with your in-school programs for young people, the more we can adapt our workshop and theme’s of the day to your needs.

Do you deliver on-site?

Yes, our one-day intensive workshop is delivered as an incursion on-site at your school. We only require a room to accommodate your students comfortably, AV facilities and wall space as many of the elements young people will do for the day is reflected throughout the day.

How do I book a workshop?