Just like adults in business, the more you practice business skills the better you generally are at it so if you've done our Maker2Market Taster school holiday program in the last 12 months, you have exclusive access to deepen your business experience with our PICK YOUR PATH pathways programs:

Pick your path - Market Days

Join our M2M market days throughout the year and keen honing your business skills, entrepreneurial midset and selling your awesome products.

Up-coming market dates:

April : Old Bus Depot Markets, Sunday, April 19 ( 3 places available)

April : Old Bus Depot Markets, Sunday, April 26 ( 3 places available)

May: Old Bus Depot Markets, Sunday, May 31 ( 9 places available)

July: Old Bus Depot MArkets, Sunday July 12 ( 9 places available)


Take a M2M Taster program Refresher

We suggest re-taking a Maker2Market Taster program annually as we are constantly adding new ways you can improve your business skills. All Pick your path participants for 12 months enjoy a $20 discount to do the Maker2Market taster program refresher. Use code: PYP2019 at checkout.

Pick your Path - Get Started program 

So you've worked out you like doing this and you want to get more serious about developing a fully-fledged hobby business ( under $70,000 p/a). The Maker2Market Get Started program is a 4-week intensive ( facetoface and online delivery) where we individually work with participants to fine-tune their business value - brand, ideal customer profile, promotional strategy, financials and more which culminates in a 6-month business plan to execute.

Pick your path - Online 

Ready to take your brand and products online? We can work with you in developing a website + online shop for a fraction of what it costs going to an agency.