Maker2Market - Marketday experience enrolment form 2019




  • Price: $ 200.00 Quantity:
    By choosing a materials allowance, you are providing a monetary allowance for the participant to choose from a wide range of raw materials to use when developing their prototype and desired products or product range for market day.
  • Terms and Conditions

    GST: added at the checkout with your payment.
    If selecting a Material allowance, the cost alongside the course fee & GST will make up the total invoice to be paid before workshop commences.
    MATERIALS ALLOWANCE: Materials provided by edii pty ltd under a materials allowance are general products and differ each workshop. If your child is looking for specialised products it may be better to BYO materials. We do not have a food license and with restrictions at the markets, we do not do food products.
    EARLY BIRD OFFER: Our early bird offer is only valid for new enrolments, booking forms must contain the full name of the friend and be paid in full by both parties by the date specified to take up the early bird offer.
    DISCOUNT CODES: Discount codes are only valid for past participants, the specified code must be added on checkout to be valid.
    PAYMENT: Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received and all fees are paid in full prior to the commencement of the workshops.
    REFUNDS/CREDITS: There are no refunds or credits on the workshops or materials allowance.
    PRIVACY: Please be aware of our privacy policy on the use of personal information. Photo's and video of your child during this course and market day may be used by edii pty ltd for promotional purposes unless specified by you in writing at the time of booking. We believe in the privacy of children - we do not identify children or their parents by name or age, we also ask fellow participants via an email before marketday to not name or tag children on social media.
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