Expanding Canberra’s pathways for creative teens

DATE: 26TH SEPT 2022

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso once famously asserted.

It’s a bold statement about the power of creativity, but real life’s not quite that simple.

To create something real you have to do more than simply imagine it, the idea is just the start. There’s a journey between idea and reality and learning how to produce something to capitalise on your creativity is a challenge, especially for young people given the limited opportunities our current students have to apply their creativity and entrepreneurial skills in real-life situations in school.

Worryingly, this is the case when we know that these skills are becoming increasingly important. In fact, “Creativity” has been identified by the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund and global business analysts as the key to our future economies.

We can already see the “artisan” economy booming around us, people are tired of mass-produced goods, and yet our appetite for unique, high quality, created-with-skill-and-love-by-a-human products has grown enormously.

Local Canberra business Edii has been helping creative teens turn their ideas into real businesses since 2016. Edii’s teen entrepreneur program, Maker2Market, teaches business and marketing skills and provides a pathway for young people to build and run their revenue generating business.

Edii recently celebrated their 500th participant and announced a new student stallholder partnership with the Old Bus Depot Markets (OBDM). 

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