Building skills, capability and mindset to take your ideas into action – this is the 21st century!

We value … working with forward focussed organizations and passionate people who desire and value working collaboratively towards a shared vision.

We invest … in a relationship with our clients so we fully understand your issue but our aim and process is to empower clients to solve their issues.

Here's some of the services we provide:

Whether you need help to design or fine-tune your business model, service, program, collaborate to deliver an amazing workshop, event or educational program, we can help by being part of your brains trust to maximize the positive impact your organization or project is aiming for.  Our consultancy period can range from a week to 6 mths depending on aims and outputs.

Professional development for educators or executive teams wanting to build an entrepreneurial mindset either in their work or work with young people. Our one-day, practical, design-led journey sees educators BYO a program and together we build bite-size learning chunks that ignite critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset.

Looking to refine a process or program and want to do it in bite-size chunks that are actionable and do-able quickly? We can help by looking with you at your big picture and helping you to define and refine the most valuable bite-size actionable chunks to take to action.

Looking to refine an existing product or service offering or develop a new one from scratch, our one-day workshop can help to refine your thinking around customers and or stakeholders, so people recognise your value, you have great take-up and your communication messages resonate.

Ready to develop a mini-business plan that aligns all parts of your business? Our one-day workshop takes a deep look at your business model, value proposition, activities, customers, channels, and competitors before working with you to align your organizations work in a business model canvas and/or mini strategic business plan.

See your customers and stakeholders through new eyes and provide them the value they expect. Our one-day workshop is a design-led journey to see customers and stakeholders through a human-centric lens. Gain insights to update and enhance core business strategy and communications to meet their needs and expectations.

Ready to take charge of your career and what value you put out in the world? Our half-day workshop helps individuals understand their personal values, how people perceive that value and through a design led journey helps you develop a dynamic view of your career and actively driving there.



  • Allan Shaw
    Allan Shaw, Principal, The Knox School, Victoria
    “I value and find impressive the agile mind, creativity and focus on young people shown by edii and founder Charuni Weerasooriya”
  • Peggy Mahy
    Peggy Mahy, Principal, The Scots School, Albury
    “The team at edii are a fabulous sounding board for any & all ideas to do with education. They are truly innovative & deeply understand how kids learn. They intuitively see opportunities and how roadblocks can be circumnavigated.”
  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry, Executive Director, Collaboratory
    Charuni is an amazing communicator and inspirational entrepreneur, leading edii to empower young people to find and follow their calling - to experiment and be resilient. Can’t recommend this program enough!”