Want to change a business model, current practice or process and know you need help, design thinking training and creative input to inspire your team to create a preferred future?

This is where we can help!

As a creative collaborator to your project we bring our specialised design thinking approach to your problem or opportunity – tools, skills, industry insights and our guided process enables you to be creative, innovate and create sustainable change.

Our framework and approach enables you to focus on creating projects through meaningful discussions and shared value on where you are and where to head. Not too much structure, nor too little with support when and how you need it.

Whether you are designing or fine tuning your business model, services, or need help collaborating to deliver an amazing workshop, event or educational program, we can help maximise the positive impact your organisation or project is aiming for. 

Our work takes you on a design thinking led journey enabling you and/or your team to develop empathy with your clients/stakeholders, gather strong insights, face the issues and respond with a sustainable solution with a built- in improvement lens. Our fun design sessions stimulate creativity, generate new ideas and provide the right amount of structure and solid shared vision across the team.

What’s our process?


Let’s start an open dialogue and frame the opportunity or problem to gain an understanding of your business and its landscape – business model, audience, existing ideas and insights, needs, competitors and timeframe. Once framing your problem or opportunity, we have the creative freedom to think and design.


Let’s decide the program of work and who needs to be part of the process including stages and phases of the project – who, what, where, how and importantly what stimulus is required for the project. Whether it’s training sessions for the team in design thinking, customer or stakeholder insights, industry trends, data to inform an evidence base – all the nuts and bolts to make our next two phases a success.


Let’s get cracking on some fun, creative, collaborate sessions with you and /or your team where we collectively build shared value exploring your problem or opportunity, gaining insights, building design prototypes, journeys and  solutions.


Let’s decide on taking the ideas to action – what moves forward and why and an improvement matrix that keeps you continuously improving.

Maybe you are facing a challenge and looking for some advice, tools or design thinking training to move forward?

Maybe you are looking for a guided process that can help your team create their preferred future?

Maybe you are looking for a creative collaborator for a new project?

We can consult privately or in-house or tailor specific design thinking workshops and seminars to your individual needs.

Give us a call and let’s chat!

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