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We are proudly Canberra owned and based.  We work with young people and organisations that want to create value in the world. We help grow entrepreneurial mindset, real-world industry skills + capability so young people achieve real world impact.

Our founder, Charuni Weerasooriya, named us edii and it’s short for engage, design, innovate and improve – it’s the way we roll in helping take ideas into action.

At edii, we work with young people and organizations in building programs, spaces and places where young people can grow their entrepreneurial mindset, gain real-life project experience and essential 21st-century and future-focused skills and capability.

Our school holiday programs – Maker2Market has now 3 programs + growing ( Business Taster Experience, Online Experience - starting Feb 2022, Young Maker Directory ) and in-school program Design thinking for social change
have grown in popularity since 2017 and our pathway programs in both social and business entrepreneurship are expanding to include more opportunities for teens to flex their creativity and critical thinking.

We couldn't be more proud of the growing tribe of young people who are pursuing their passions, ideas and skills in business and social entrepreneurship.

We love design thinking and human-centered methodology in working with clients to help them take ideas to action.

Our consulting work since 2016 has been wide and varied – we've helped clients stretch ideas, created valuable partnerships, developed advocacy and strategy and created some awesome programs and projects.

We've just recently changed our service offering to include small chunk ways to work with people and organisations so you can build value and create incremental change quickly and effectively.

We still love co-designing places and spaces where young people can thrive so if you are a progressive thinker or doer, please get in touch to discuss a new project or collaboration.

Let’s discuss how we can help take your idea into action, contact:

Charuni Weerasooriya, Founder and Director

+61 0416094172



  • Andrew Fuller
    Andrew Fuller, Author, Speaker, Clinical Psychologist and creator of Learning Strengths
    " Truly remarkable experience working with you guys! You added a second brain to my head. I valued the creative, insightful, and fun process that helped clarify clear goals and processes to achieve results. I recommend edii to anyone who is interested in improving their business or venture. "
  • Allan Shaw
    Allan Shaw, Principal, The Knox School, Victoria
    “ I value and find impressive the agile mind, creativity and focus on young people shown by edii and founder Charuni Weerasooriya ”
  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry, Executive Director, Collaboratory
    " Charuni is an amazing communicator and inspirational entrepreneur, leading edii to empower young people to find and follow their calling - to experiment and be resilient. Can’t recommend this program enough! ”
  • Dr Kristy Goodwin
    Dr Kristy Goodwin, Researcher, Speaker, Author on Digital Well being and Productivity
    " Thank you for inviting me to be part of the Parentech campaign, so awesome to work with you! "
  • Shelley Hill
    Shelley Hill, President, Australian Parents Council
    " Our appreciation to Charuni and edii for the time and thought-leadership with the Parentech campaign, a partnership between the Australian Parents Council and edii. "
  • Peggy Mahy
    Peggy Mahy, Principal, The Scots School, Albury
    “ The team at edii are a fabulous sounding board for any & all ideas to do with education. They are truly innovative & deeply understand how kids learn. They intuitively see opportunities and how roadblocks can be circumnavigated. ”
  • David Dunstan
    David Dunstan, VP Marketing, Family Zone
    " It was a pleasure working directly with you on the Digital Detox in the Parentech campaign and I hope we get to work together again in the future. "
  • Andrew Watt
    Andrew Watt, Unity Speech Pathology
    Working through our customer journey and value proposition with edii was really valuable!

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Maker2Market Online Experience starts Feb 2022!

Curious about our Maker2Market Business Taster Experience?

Maker2Market Business Taster - Parent feedback

Maker2Market Business Taster - Teen Feedback

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