edii is short for our core services to clients: engage, design, innovate and improve 

2016 was our first year and it was a blast!

Since then we have grown both our engaged learning programs for young people and worked with clients on a range of change and improvement initiatives.

Through a human-centered design methodology, we work with clients to help them take ideas to action. We have built skills and expertise for employees and organisations, developed high-level strategy and advocacy, implemented high reach online and offline campaigns stretched ideas and created partnerships for clients.

We are passionate about spaces and places that provide engaged learning, real life project opportunities and entrepreneurial skills in young people.

Our own programs have grown in popularity and we are committed to building environments and culture where young people can develop their passions, pursue their ideas and develop the skills needed to face their future confident that they can and will make a difference.

Learn more about our work:

edii Solutions
We work with organisations and people and value working collaboratively towards shared vision. We help build skills and expertise, strategies and campaigns, stretch ideas, connect and create partnerships and importantly help build innovative solutions.
edii Programs
We are passionate about our growing number of engaged learning programs that deliver a deep, real-life project experience and develop entrepreneurial mindset and future-focussed skills.